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Our Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified, experienced and caring teachers who provide direct instruction tailored to meet each child’s needs.

Achi​evement Learning Center


We have been providing customized learning programs to Westchester's top students for 20+ years and are delighted to share our experiences.

Program Offerings

  • Reading/Writing/Math

  • Study Skills

  • ACT/SAT Preparation


  • HSPT


ISEE, SSAT, and TACHS Testing

Test Prep

Our test prep program is unique, with a personalized and custom tailored program for each student.  Whether your child is taking the ISEE, SSAT, or TACHS, we begin with an evaluation to ascertain strengths and limitations and to procure a baseline score.  We then utilize our extensive inventory of instructional materials to improve verbal skills, math skills, and test-taking strategies.

TACHS Advice
Of all the exams 8th graders can take this year, this exam has the reputation of being the least challenging.  However, please do not be misled by the various test preparation books.  Over the years, student feedback has provided insight as to how challenging the exam really is.  This is no fault of any publishing company; unfortunately, minimal information and resources are available to the public. So what then? Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and use general content books to develop skills in addition to the standard test prep. books.  If your child is starting to prepare very close to the exam date, focus on 2-3 areas, and not necessarily the weakest (grammar and general math is a great place to begin).  If nothing else, have your child take a practice exam so he/she will become familiar with the format.  

The highly competitive independent school entrance exam demands early and intense preparation.  Those who register for the December ISEE should be enrolled in a program no later than September.  Our rigorous ISEE program combines instruction in test taking strategies with enrichment work to challenge students beyond the requirements of their current grade level.  Many families prepare their children for the ISEE/SSAT, before making any final decision about whether or not private school is the direction they want to take.  Fortunately, the preparation for either exam can be looked at as an enrichment program that will benefit students in the classroom and beyond.