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If your child is not feeling intellectually challenged in his or her classroom, our teachers at Achievement Learning Center are waiting to help.  We have the expertise and instructional tools to diagnose, coach and assist your child in mastering advanced skills. At ALC we will design a program tailored to meet your child’s learning style and needs.  Our goal with students in the enrichment program is to not only increase skills, but also to broaden their knowledge.  We can help to make learning exciting again.

​Study Skills

​​Getting better grades in school starts with learning how to learn, and many students need help acquiring these tools. At Achievement Learning Center we teach students study skills that will enable them to succeed in school.  These skills include organization, concentration, note-taking, test-taking, time management, textbook reading, and more. Let us help your child to become a proficient and self-directed learner.


Reading should be a pleasure, not a chore.  If your child reads with effort or has more potential than he or she is realizing, the teachers at Achievement Learning Center can help.  We have the expertise to diagnose, teach and encourage your child to master the basic reading skills.  We can help your child to apply reading skills that will transform him or her into a reader for life.


In order to succeed in school your child must have effective writing skills. We can teach your child how to concisely and efficiently articulate his or her thoughts and ideas in writing. Our teachers at ALC can remove the anxiety that often surrounds writing so that your child may be free to express his or her wonderful ideas on paper.

Reading/Writing Advice

Developing reading/writing skills on any grade level takes time and devotion. Children who struggle in either of these areas eventually show weaknesses in other subjects.  For many students, it’s not that they can’t develop the skills; their instruction simply has not been geared to their learning style.  Devoting the necessary time early- on that is needed to build these essential skills will allow students to experience a confidence they never knew existed.

K-12 General Instruction

If your child is struggling with math or has more potential than he or she is realizing, our teachers at Achievement Learning Center can help.  When you come to ALC your child will start off with a thorough evaluation designed to highlight strengths and pinpoint any limitations or gaps in learning.  We will then create an individualized program tailored to meet both your child’s needs and the school’s curriculum. Since children learn in different ways, we have an extensive inventory of instructional materials to complement your child’s learning style. This program will allow your child to become an enthusiastic math student.
Math Advice

​With recent changes to the standards, many students are feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with the more rigorous and analytical curriculum. Unfortunately, once gaps are created students can feel like they are drowning, and that feeling only intensifies until those skills are developed.  Those who fill such gaps early on avoid the frustration they will inevitably feel as the school year progresses and the material gets harder.

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